The Google change location search filter from search results has been dropped by Google

Google seems to have dropped the change location search filter. This is a filter that would allow a user to only see search results based on a certain geographical location. Travellers had the ability to view information on their place of interest easily. Webmasters and SEOs were also able to do research on how their search results were viewed by searchers from specific places. The Google change location search filter was therefore a widely applicable tool. Most users who found the filter a necessity have been expressing their frustrations on social media and terming the act as unnecessary.

Through a postscript, Google’s spokesperson said that the Google change location search filter was intentionally dropped. Google also said that the tool was getting little usage and that they were focusing on other highly applicable features. This might be an advancement and betterment of the Google search engine services. If it was a necessity in your usual searches, you might need to look for some other alternatives.